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    Maple & Balsamic Roasted Vegetables

    Maple & Balsamic Roasted Vegetables

    As promised, we've got the ultimate, local veggie packed, Thanksgiving side dish that you'll want to make sure to include in your Thanksgiving spread!

    Two pans is all you need for a heaping pile of colorful root vegetables and Brussels sprouts. Roasted to caramelized perfection in delicious local maple syrup and balsamic vinegar, drizzled with a sage infused maple Golden Dawn brown butter and garnished with chopped walnuts and crispy fried sage. 

    The ultimate seasonal vegetable dish for Thanksgiving!


    Meet the Farmers & Producers

    Hillside Gardens

    The gorgeous rainbow carrots, parsnips, and turnips in this recipe are sourced from Hillside Gardens, a fourth generation family farm and processing facility in Bradford, ON.

    They were early adopters of the Local Food Plus program and place a high value on sustainability and innovation. 

    Hillside Gardens

    August's Harvest

    Our local garlic from August's Harvest adds a beautiful flavour to these roasted vegetables!

    August’s Harvest is now one of the largest commercial garlic growers in Ontario.

    August's Harvest

    Alliston Creamery

    Alliston's "Golden Dawn" brand of butter perfect for making brown butter. It's silky smooth and full of beautiful buttery flavour made using milk from the Niagara and Golden Horseshoe region.

    Alliston Creamery

    Ennis Maple

    Ennis Maple's 100% Pure Maple Syrup has a gorgeous amber colour, a robust, full-bodied flavour making it the perfect maple syrup to flavour our maple and sage brown butter in this recipe.

    Ennis Maple Products produces great tasting, pure Ontario maple syrup from the rocky hills of Tay Valley Township. They are still all wood-fired, relying on the old fashioned way to make their delicious maple products!

    Ennis Maple

    Niagara Vinegar

    Niagara Vinegar is based in St. Catharines and is part of Hernder Estate Wines and use a very straight forward fermentation process to create their vinegars!

    Their baco noir balsamic vinegar is used in maple and balsamic glaze to coat the roasted vegetables in this recipe. 

    Lennox Farms

    Located in Shelburne, ON, Lennox Farms is a 5th generation family-owned farm owned and operated by Brian and Jeanette French.⁣ They grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and are particularly known for their forced winter rhubarb, rhubarb, and of course these gorgeous Brussels sprouts!⁣

    Lennox Farms

    Round Plains Plantation

    Round Plains is a non-certified organic farm run by Bob and Juli who have been farming for 25 years on their family spread, and primarily grow different varieties of organic sweet potatoes - including the one in this recipe.

    Bob & Juli are very proud to be part of the robust Norfolk County farming community and love sharing the nutritional benefits of sweet potatoes with consumers. 

    Round Plains Plantation



    Maple & Balsamic Roasted Vegetables Ingredients

    For the Maple Brown Butter & Crispy Fried Sage


    Preheat your oven to 425°F and line two baking sheets with parchment paper.

    Peel your parsnips, carrots, sweet potato, and turnip with a vegetable peeler and chop into slices about a 1/2 inch thick. 

    Cut the base of each of your Brussels sprouts and peel away the top layer. Cut each sprout in half. 

    Take your five cloves of garlic and peel away the skin. Using the palm of your hand or the flat part of the blade of your chef's knife, press down to crush the whole cloves so they open and release their flavour when roasting.

    Place all your prepared vegetables in a large bowl. 

    In a small bowl, whisk together your maple maple syrup, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Pour the maple syrup, balsamic and olive oil mixture over the vegetables and mix to make sure all the vegetables are covered. Season with salt and pepper.

    Transfer your coated vegetables onto your parchment paper lined baking sheets placing about half on each sheet. You want to make sure that the vegetables aren't overlapping so they can get nice and caramelized.

    Maple Roasted Vegetables On Pan

    Place both your trays in the oven to roast for 40-55 minutes. Check your vegetables after 15-20 minutes and stir so that both sides get nice and caramelized. Repeat every 15 minutes until they are caramelized on both sides.

    In a small saucepan, heat your butter on medium to high heat and add in your 5 fresh sage leaves. Stir frequently until the butter browns (about 2-5 minutes) to make sure the butter doesn't burn. 

    You will know when the brown butter is ready when you see the milk solids start to brown in the pot and you can smell a slightly nutty aroma from the butter.

    Sage Brown Butter

    While the butter browns, the sage leaves will fry and become crispy while infusing the brown butter with its beautiful flavour.

    Once the butter is browned, remove the sage leaves and set aside (do not throw out!). Add 1 tbsp of maple syrup to the brown butter and mix to combine, the butter may froth but will settle. 

    Once caramelized all over, remove from the oven. Drizzle some brown butter over the roasted vegetable. Finely chop your fried sage and sprinkle the sage and your walnut pieces over the vegetables.

    Mix to combine all the flavours and transfer to a bowl or dish and serve immediately!

    Maple & Balsamic Vegetables

    Did You Try This Recipe?

    If so, we'd love to see your finished product of your! Share a photo of your maple roasted vegetables and tag us on Instagram @themarketat100kmfoods.
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