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    Beet & Citrus Salad With Shaved Toscano And Thyme
    (66) Beet & Citrus Salad With Shaved Toscano And Thyme
    Hitting you with a light, fresh and flavourful winter salad recipe this week! This Beet & Citrus Salad With Shaved Toscano and Thyme is insanely easy to throw together and looks like art on the plate! The natural sweetness and earthiness of Cookstown's organic mixed beets combined with tart and tangy oranges and grapefruit, peppery microgreens, crunchy walnuts and salty Monforte Toscano, this salad hits all the right flavour notes.
    Fogo Island Shrimp Cakes
    (94) Fogo Island Shrimp Cakes
    Wow, these shrimp cakes...a MUST TRY! These delectable patties of shrimpy perfection are so simple and quick to make and are made with our Fogo Island Northern Pink shrimp. Simply thaw your shrimp, chop them up, mix them with the rest of the ingredients, and pan fry them to that perfect golden brown. Served with a simple lemon and garlic aioli, these shrimp cakes are sure to be a hit at your dinner table!
    Butternut Squash Risotto With Crispy Fried Sage
    (94) Butternut Squash Risotto With Crispy Fried Sage
    Risotto is one of the most-loved rice dishes out there. It's rich and creamy without feeling heavy, and there are so many different variations of risotto that can be made to showcase different seasonal flavours. This risotto recipe features our Top Tomato butternut squash and some beautiful organic crispy fried sage to really celebrate the flavours of Fall.
    Grilled Peach & Halloumi Salad With Green Goddess Dressing
    (0) Grilled Peach & Halloumi Salad With Green Goddess Dressing

    Fall might be creeping just around the corner but we're still celebrating the flavors of summer over here with this recipe! Sweet grilled peaches from Warner's Farm are paired with our salty fried Monforte halloumi and featured alongside some farm-fresh green beans, fennel, mint, cherry tomatoes and...

    Peach & Ricotta Cake
    (0) Peach & Ricotta Cake
    ´╗┐It's peak peach season so you know we had to celebrate with a tasty peach recipe! This cake is wonderfully moist, packed with loads of fresh peaches and made without oil or butter. The fat instead comes from our luxurious Bella Casara by Quality Cheese ricotta. This cake is light on the sweetness, making it perfect to enjoy with your morning coffee, afternoon snack or late night treat!
    Brigid's Brie, Prosciutto & Arugula Stuffed Apricots With Honey & Balsamic
    (0) Brigid's Brie, Prosciutto & Arugula Stuffed Apricots With Honey & Balsamic
    These fresh Brigid's Brie, Prosciutto & Arugula Stuffed Apricots With Honey & Balsamic make a perfect light and healthy appetizer and only require 6 simple ingredients, all locally sourced from The Market at 100km Foods! Fresh Warner's Farm apricots are halved, pitted and stuffed with New Farm arugula, Gunn's Hill Brigid's Brie, Speducci Berkshire pork prosciutto and drizzled with Rosewood honey and a balsamic reduction made with Niagara Vinegar's Baco Noir balsamic. Perfect for a summertime snack, try this recipe out this week!
    Barrie Hill Blueberry Crisp
    (0) Barrie Hill Blueberry Crisp
    We are LIVING for blueberry season and there's no better way to enjoy blueberries than in this super easy blueberry crisp recipe featuring our Barrie Hill blueberries, K2 Milling granola oats and AP Flour and Golden Dawn butter. When baked, these berries transform into a delicious syrupy filling and the oat topping bakes into a perfectly golden sweet, buttery, crunchy crumble.
    Pan-Seared Whitefish With Grilled Corn & Mint Salad
    (0) Pan-Seared Whitefish With Grilled Corn & Mint Salad
    Is there a better way to enjoy the full flavour of fresh, peak season corn than to grill it? This recipe celebrates the flavour in grilled corn in a delicious summertime salad with charred sweet corn, fresh mint, shaved Handeck cheese all coated in vibrant Hot Honey Vinaigrette! Served alongside a delicately pan-fried fillet of our Kolapore Spring's whitefish, this light and refreshing meal is perfect for a light lunch or dinner to enjoy with a glass of your favourite white wine this summer!
    100km Nachos!
    (0) 100km Nachos!
    A good pan of fully loaded nachos are are not only insanely tasty, but they're so easy to throw together making them perfect for a party, an lazy dinner or a late night snack! Crispy Neal Brothers tortilla chips were loaded with Texas Longhorn Mexican spiced ground beef, grape tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, avocado, black beans and a generous amount of cheese. Garnished with fresh chopped cilantro and served with Neal Brothers' Just-Hot-Enough Salsa and Hewitt's sour cream, these loaded nachos are guaranteed to be a hit at the dinner table!
    Cherry Claflouti
    (0) Cherry Claflouti
    Claflouti may sounds like a fancy dish but in reality it couldn't be more simple to make! A classic French dessert, clafouti is made by pouring a sweet batter, similar to crepe batter, over fresh fruit and baking it slowly. The eggy batter then bakes around the fruit, creating a light, almost pudding or custard-like texture. This dessert really is one of the easiest to whip up! It's made with just a handful of staple ingredients you likely have in your fridge and pantry right now including sugar, eggs, milk, flour, salt and butter, plus whatever fruit you'd like to add to it. In this recipe, we used our in-season sweet cherries from Warner's Farms. The sweet and tart cherries adds a beautiful pop of flavour and are the perfect contrast to the rich custard batter.
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