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    GoodLeaf Farms

    100km Foods Producer GoodLeaf Farms

    100km Foods Producer GoodLeaf Farms



    Guelph, ON


    In 2015, GoodLeaf constructed its first pilot farm near Truro, Nova Scotia to test commercial production and to continue research and development of new varieties and growing techniques. In 2018, the development commenced on GoodLeaf's first large-scale, fully commercialized vertical farm in Guelph.

    The state of-the-art farm builds on the learnings from the Truro Pilot Farm while adding a level of automation not seen in vertical farming before. In the summer of 2019, GoodLeaf began supplying microgreens and baby greens to retail locations and in 2020, they launched foodservice. 

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    GoodLeaf Founder Gregg Curwin went searching for a way to proactively impact the health of Canadians. Gregg was inspired by the work already underway on indoor-hydroponic farming in Japan, and quickly set about bringing the idea to Canada to deliver fresh, nutritious produce to Canadians year-round.

    Today Barry Murchie is GoodLeaf's President/CEO. They also have a Board of Directors throughout Canada and the US that oversees everything.


    • Microgreens (Micro Peas, Broccoli, Radish, Arugula, Spicy Mustard and Asian Blend)
    • Salad mixes (Baby Arugula and Baby Spring Mix)


    Year Round

    Growing Practices:

    SQF Certified Level 2

    Producer Website:


    GoodLeaf's mission is to ethically grow simple produce that inspires healthy lifestyles through environmentally conscious agricultural practices. While vertical farming uses more electricity than traditional farms, these emissions are more than offset by a significant reduction in emissions related to transportation and fertilization. 

    Traditional farms use 275L/Kg of lettuce produced. GoodLeaf farms only consume 18L/KG. This also reduces water run off, resulting in minimal environmental contamination. Vertical farms stack growing levels several layers high, producing significantly more output per square foot.


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