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    Blog posts of '2021' 'June'

    How to Eat More Seasonally Year Round
    (0) How to Eat More Seasonally Year Round
    When we think about eating seasonally, it sounds like such a no brainer. In addition to having numerous positive environmental and socio-economic impacts, in-season fruits and vegetables simply taste better and are often more affordable!
    Strawberry & Rhubarb Yogurt Pie With Nutty Crumble Crust
    (0) Strawberry & Rhubarb Yogurt Pie With Nutty Crumble Crust
    Bookmark this one folks, it's a GOOD one! More Granola pie crust, Sheldon Creek vanilla yogurt filling, Tigchelaar strawberry and Lennox Farms rhubarb topping — all the local goodness in a delicious chilled pie that's perfect for a sunny summer day! This dessert is one of those desserts that's just the right amount of sweetness. The sweetness from the strawberries and granola are cut perfectly by the tangy yogurt and tart rhubarb to create a perfectly balanced dessert that you can enjoy for breakfast, a lunchtime snack or as a light dessert after dinner!
    The Ultimate 100km Burger
    (0) The Ultimate 100km Burger
    What better way to kick off summer than to a good night of grilling?! Skip the prepackaged patties and take the little bit of extra time to whip up your own patties with this super easy recipe — the extra effort will be well worth it! These patties are stuffed with a little bit of our Bright's old cheddar cheese for an extra moist and cheesy patty. These burgers are made with all locally sourced meats, vegetables, buns, cheese and sauces from The Market, and served with a tasty side of homemade sweet potato fries and Marben's BBQ sauce for dipping.
    Strawberry & Goat Cheese Pizza
    (0) Strawberry & Goat Cheese Pizza
    If you've never tried throwing some strawberries on a pizza before, get ready for a whole other level of pizza love! Strawberries are so often used in dessert recipes but we absolutely love using them in savoury preparations, like we did in this pizza recipe! The combo of our sweet Ontario strawberries from Tigchelaar Berry Farms, creamy local goat cheese from Celebrity, peppery arugula from the New Farm and sweet balsamic reduction made with our Niagara Vinegar Baco Noir vinegar is a home run.
    Spicy Salmon Bowls
    (0) Spicy Salmon Bowls
    Wait until you try our new Korean Fried Chicken Sauce from 416 Snack Bar! Made in house at 416, this sauce is the kind of sauce you'll want to put on EVERYTHING. Made from ginger, gojuchang, sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, corn syrup and rice wine vinegar, this sauce is incredibly versatile, we used this sauce in four different ways in this Spicy Salmon Bowl recipe. Reminiscent of the flavours of a spicy salmon sushi roll, this recipe uses 416's Korean Fried Chicken sauce as a glaze for the salmon, a marinade for the cabbage, as a coating mixed with honey to roast and spice the cashews, and in a super tasty aioli.
    Ricotta Dumplings With Asparagus In An Herb & Garlic Butter Sauce
    (0) Ricotta Dumplings With Asparagus In An Herb & Garlic Butter Sauce
    We stumbled across Bon Appetit's Ricotta Dumplings with Asparagus & Green Garlic recipe and it had us drooling so much that we were inspired to recreate this dish using all local ingredients from The Market at 100km Foods! These ricotta dumplings are so perfectly light and fluffy! Instead of serving them in a chicken stock based sauce like Bon Appetit, we opted to serve these dumplings in a white wine sauce made with our Sheldon Creek garlic and herb flavoured butter, and white wine.
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